Beautiful Copenhagen

If you have never been there, oh yes, you must definitely visit. Copenhagen is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been, let's admit that and be fair. If some of you might not know ( that would be actually a shame) it is located in Denmark. It is the capital and is a part of Nordic or one of the Scandinavian countries. It is full of life and people. You can actually feel the spirit which is all around. It is not only rich by its history, which we all must have heard of (he Vikings' one), but it is marvelous by its appearance. When you walk around you can feel the history, the story that lies behind the buildings. The monuments are everywhere. The narrow streets just takes your breath away, all you want to do just to get lost and lead its pathway. No matter where you would go, you will always see something new and unexperienced. The famous author Hans Kristian Andersen did live here. All the fairy tales and stories you must have heard about the Mermaid or Girl With The Matches were written here. When you walk around - you can feel it. It is a city of the fairy tales. The buildings and the architecture makes you rise your head and just admire - How beautiful and yet outstanding the city is.

Inspo Insta

To say thousand  words or not to say? Sometimes it is better to be silent. That's what I am going to do today. 

Inspire and aspire. 

Enjoy and take every single piece of it. 

I would like to share some pictures from my Instagram account. If you are looking for inspiration or motivation, do not hesitate. 

If there are people that you adore and makes an influence on you, please, share them :)



Sometimes when we see an ad we don't question ourself what a good ad looks like or what it consists of. Recently I've been watching some ads just to see how a specific brand visualizes and what their values are. I really admire the ads that consist of the idea and its representation without a touch of a product. Suddenly, I have discovered KENZO's ads with their last autumn's collection and their new fragrance scent. I really like how simple it is made, but yet so appealing and nice. I love it when an ad has a meaning and enriches it with the idea of simplicity. Take a look. 

Press HD and enjoy the show!