New day it's a new beginning

I am not too sure if saying hi would be enough. It's been two years I have abandoned my blog and the society here who might have or might have had an interest in reading and following my blog. It's been two wonderful years. I spent my time living and dreaming in London. It was busy and I guess there were some reasons why I have stopped. It was never a full stop. Like a stop when you would never come back and just forget. I had ideas and thoughts, but it wasn't the time. You know there is a saying.. If you have a chemistry all you need is timing.. I guess this quote could be easily used to compare your emotions and feelings when it comes to blogging. 

It was quite a small intro into everything. During these two years I been thinking and planning  where should I start and how should I develop or pump up my future blogging activity. It's a pleasure to write about fashion and all that ... since there are so many bloggers who follow and write about fashion, the industry itself and try to be individuals. It is just the fact that there are too many fashion bloggers. I have a passion for fashion Which will always be there as the fact I will be moving to Denmark to fulfill my dream to study Branding and Marketing Management in Furniture in Fashion. 

There might be a slight connection with, but the true path I want to lead my very soon growing baby is traveling and experiencing the bitter taste of life in different countries. I know, I should have started writing and building it up while I was living in London, but it is never too late. 

As  have mentioned above, I will be moving to Denmark  which is quite exciting. I will be sharing my experience, my travels and just the whole joy which will surround me while in between. 

Full stop. 

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  1. Amazing post dear!
    Love your blog. ☺